Súkromna gynekologická ambulancia Women`s Health
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Well- Woman Gynaecology Package

For every woman,regardless of age

What does it involve?

- Consultation - an opportunity to discuss your general questions on gynaecology health

- Observation- Assesment of BMI, Blood pressure, Urine analysis

- Blood Test - In addition to basic investigations (glucose level, liver profile, kidney profile, cholesterol level) offer parameters to exclude anemia, iron elevels, blood clotting disorders, bone markers, thyroid profile, inflamation markers, vit. D deficiency and hormone disbalance
Bioch: Glu, Krea, KM, Bil. celk., ALT, ALP, AMS, Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, CRP, Chol, TAG, LDL, HDL, Fe, Trf, sat TRf, Ferit, TSH, fT4, vit. D, moč chem. + sed., FSH, LH, E2, CTx, P1NP
Hem: KO + dif, INR, APTT, fibrinogén

- Examination speculum examination involving cervical smear + HPV testing

- Transvaginal ultrasound Scan - examination of reproductive organs -uterus, womb lining , ovaries and cervix. During this scan we are able to look for any abnormal appaerances.

Total Price: 200 EUR

Note: The examination is at the patient´s request and is paid by the patient